• Leila Malekzadeh

    Leila Malekzadeh is our Senior Training & Development Specialist based in our Corporate office and this is her story.
  • Lisa Hanik

    Lisa Hanik is a Senior Business Solutions Manager out of our Las Vegas branch and this is her story.
  • Leslie Prince

    Our Atlanta-based Regional Vice President, Leslie Prince, along with her daughter, Courtney, share the story of Courtney's triumphant journey toward heart health!
  • Denise Orozco

    Carolyn Driedger Denise Orozco and her mother, Rebecca Aguilar, at the 2017 OC (Neon) AHA Heart Walk.

    Denise Orozco is our Marketing Event & Project Manager, based out of our Corporate office and this is her story:

    "To say that my mother is the most influential woman in my life would be an understatement. She is absolutely everything to me, a wonderful mother, grandmother, mentor and friend. My hope is to one day be HALF as good as she is… it's a continual work in progress!!

    Several years ago, my mother had an abnormal EKG during some routine tests and learned she had a very low ejection fraction (the rate at which your heart pumps blood). This diagnosis did not impact her lifestyle in any way… she was still running a mile per minute taking care of the people around her, leading her own Women's group and being a doting grandmother and mother.

    Then her symptoms appeared one day and it changed her lifestyle dramatically. She had no energy, needed to lay down all the time, trouble with stairs, erratic heartbeats, weakness, fatigue. The recommendation was a defibrillator/pacemaker to regulate and potentially strengthen her heart. It took months to recover and regulate her medication (as she also developed A-FIB). If you were to meet my mother, you would think she looks young, vibrant and beautiful (yes, I am biased) however if you looked directly at her heart history it would be more illustrative of someone 20 years her senior!

    My mom credits her continued recovery to a great program called Cardio Rehabilitation Therapy which is a great name for a personal medical coach/trainer. Although there have been a few setbacks (for example, my mother learned just how POWERFUL the internal defibrillator is when set off!) she continues to work hard, eat smart and stay positive.

    As a family, we all continue to monitor my mother's health … and try not to overreact when she's not feeling well. I am sure she just loves that both my brother and I are on high alert any time she has the smallest of colds!

    For the last 2 years my mom has joined the Roth Staffing Heart Walk Team and has proudly worn her AHA T-Shirt at the Orange County walk. I am thankful I get to support the AHA organization and that I have my mom alongside me at the OC Heart Walk."

  • Carolyn Driedger

    Carolyn Driedger Shirley with her grandson, Carolyn's son, Adam.

    Carolyn is the Branch Manager of our Pasadena Ultimate Staffing branch office and has been a coworker at Roth Staffing Companies for 13 years! This is her story:

    I was touched when I read that Roth Staffing has developed a partnership with the American Heart Association. My mother-in-law, Shirley, experienced her first heart attack 18 years ago and needed a heart valve replacement. The surgery went smoothly and for six more years she led a practically healthy life.

    However, by the year 2000, my mother-in-law had worn out the first valve and required a second heart valve replacement. During this second surgery, doctors also added a pace maker to keep her heartbeat regular. These life changing events have been a huge reminder for my whole family that heart health is very important.

    Thanks to the research and development of the American Heart Association, my mother-in-law is alive and doing well at the age of 82 and able to watch her nine grandchildren grow up! We're thankful to have her!